When there is a donor...

Your local area has an organ procurement organization (OPO) that works to promote awareness of organ donation, to teach local medical staff how to recognize potential donors, and to coordinate what happens when someone becomes brain dead and organs are donated. When a kidney becomes available, the OPO registers it with the OPTN (UNOS) and a national list of people who could accept that kidney is generated.  First

Map of the United States showing the UNOS Regions

UNOS checks to see if there is anyone on that list who matches that kidney perfectly; if no one does, the list is searched again. This time the search is limited to transplant centers in that OPO’s area (where the person died and donated organs).

If no matches are found, the area is extended to a larger geographical region (the UNOS regions shown on the map). Matching is done very quickly so that the kidney can be transplanted within about 36 hours.

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