Can you have a transplant?
There may be other reasons that prevent you from having a kidney transplant.
  • being unable to understand the transplant process and the responsibilities that come along with it
  • not cooperating with medical care (for example, not taking the medications your doctor prescribes)
  • abusing alcohol or other substances
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Part of the transplant evaluation is to be sure that none of these applies to you, and that you will have the best possible chance for a successful transplant (including many healthy years after the surgery).
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Your organs do many things to keep you healthy If your organs don't work, you may need to have a transplant To get a transplant, you have to be tested To get a transplant, you have to be tested You can't have a transplant unless someone donates an organ You will have to have surgery to place the new organ into your body Most people feel much better after having a transplant Taking care of your new organ will help you feel healthy for years to come Home