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During this first year of the project (October 1996 - September 1997), ideas relating to site structure, design, and navigation; research, artwork, story content, and factual verification were contributed by many individuals in addition to the TransWeb board.  Most notably, The Transplant Journey would not have been possible without the inspired devotion of Andrew Ti.

The Transplant Journey

Research:  Andrew Midkiff, Rachel Frey, and Justina Hierta.

Medical illustrations:  Jill Gregory, Trevelle Bibbs, Matt Wimsatt, and Sherra Cook

Technical advice on the web was provided by Ryan Lack,  Jim Dean, and Mike Lougee.

Medical content: Drs. Robert Merion, Jeffrey Punch, and Alan Leichtman

"Amy" drawings:  Grace Thorson, who also created many of the other drawings.  The Kool-Aid hair people were all drawn by Dee Calarco.  Sienna and Kurt Parfitt contributed the single-item illustrations, plus the crowd of people with kidney failure.

Digital photography: Robert Garypie, Francine Kelsen, and Annie Jones.   Photographic models:  We are very grateful to the many patient people who allowed their likenesses to be used to illustrate The Journey.

Thanks also to the many other generous souls who contributed time, expertise, and their perspectives:  Doug Armstrong, Ray Ayer, Julie Balk, Meg Black, Amy Bowman, Charles Boyer, Edie Cozzi, Nick Dean, Evie Dennerll, Bill Fleischmann, Maureen Fox, Sarah Friedl, Sylvia Friedl, Tanya Good, Mark Gravel, Steve Haskin, CKD Haven, Sean Hennessey, Justina Hierta, Gil Leaf, Jennifer Leichtman, Alison Merion, Andi Mitchell, Patrick Parker, Lee Rosenblum, Sandra Somoza, Angeline Ti, Jan Toth-Chernin, Alain Watts, Sandy Webster, and staff and students at Emerson School, Greenhills School, and Community, Huron, and Pioneer High Schools, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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