Guidebook The Transplant Journey (go to front page)
The Transplant Journey takes you on a trip through the transplant process.

Want to know more?

Follow Amy through the transplant process:

Navigational image showing transplantable organs

In the future, we plan to create transplant journeys for all organs.  When we do, you can change organs by clicking on this image. 

Amy, the girl shown in the basic steps of the transplant process

1. What do organs do?

2. What happens if they don't work?

3. Can I get a transplant?

4. Where will the new organ come from?

5. What is the surgery like?

navigational image showing transplantable organs - only kidney is available now

For now, however, the only detailed journey available is about having a kidney transplant.

6. What will I feel like afterwards?

7. What's it like to live with a transplant?


Getting around

Check the roadmap by clicking on “home.”

home - the front page of The Transplant Journey
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