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STORY: Dave Stringer

Lending Their Support

The athletes were in the procession and on the floor of John Labatt Center during Opening Ceremonies, but equally important were the supporters cheering them on from the stands. A few snapshots:
Tara Sance, from London, was one of many volunteers helping to make the games move smoothly. She was here because her best friend was waiting for a heart. Nicole van der Laan is that best friend. She is not yet on the waiting list, she says, because she is "too healthy now," but both are at the games to do what they can to promote organ donation. Cindy Marshall from Cobourg, Ontario, was in London to support her eight year-old daughter, Sarah, who received a stomach, pancreas, liver and bowel when she was 5 months and 24 days old. She will be competing in bowling, the long jump, and cricketball. Sarah is in the Guiness Book of Records as the first pediatric multi-organ recipient in Canada and the youngest in the world. Sarah's grandfather, Jerry Wildey, was also there to cheer her on.
Miriam Caraoghlamian was visiting from Argentina in support of her husband, who received a liver in 2001. He is competing in tennis (singles and doubles) as well as swimming and the 5K. With her was Joanna Sanchez, a student and volunteer translator. Agnes Hyma, from Rhineland, Ontario, was volunteering along with her friend, Sheila Clark, from Hamilton. She is at the World Games to see what happens to donated organs, since she is a nurse in an operating room where donor surgery takes place. Karen Boughner, who has two friends who have received transplants, was with her in the crowd.
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