Webcast team  

Many thanks to these talented individuals who volunteered to work many long days in order to bring you this webcast!

  Scott Bennett
Scott is a photographer and former Washtenaw Community College photography student who also sells cameras for a living. He eagerly volunteered as a sports photographer for this webcast, his first stint on the web team. You can see Scott's work at www.redhead-photography.com, and contact him at shadowbuilder21@hotmail.com. He will be relocating at the end of July to the Traverse City, Michigan area.
  Jose Bosch
H. Jose Bosch (hectobos@umich.edu) is going to be a sophomore at the University of Michigan in the fall and currently is a sports writer for the school's paper, The Michigan Daily (www.michigandaily.com). He has covered Michigan volleyball, women's gymnastics, and baseball. His passions include writing and watching baseball and college football on television. He also keeps a sports web log (www.theboschwatch.blogspot.com) where he muses on all topics related to sports.
  Yihui Dong
Yihui is TransWeb's technical person; her role includes providing guidance on all technical issues, from web database design to interface and multimedia implementation, as well as technology assessment and selection, troubleshooting, and project-wide archiving. For the webcast she has developed and implemented the site design and developed all page templates. Onsite, she is publishing everything you see on this site.
  Jianwen Fang
Jianwen Fang (jwfang@ku.edu) is a research assistant professor in the Information and Telecommunication Technology Center at the University of Kansas. This is his second webcasting experience. He is working with Yihui in technical production and web publishing.
  Marilyn Indahl
Marilyn Indahl (marilyn@indahlphoto.com) is the photo editor of the City College News and does freelance photography for The Minnesota Score Magazine and Sun Focus News. See more of Marilyn's work at SportsShooter.com. This is her second webcast.
  Eleanor Jones
Eleanor Jones (egjones@umich.edu) is the full time editor and webmaster for www.TransWeb.org: All About Transplantation and Donation. She is a veteran of every webcast that TransWeb has ever mounted. When she's not busy with TransWeb, Ellie and her husband Bruce enjoy vegetable and herb gardening and cooking. She was responsible for most of the pre-Games organization of this webcast and is the webcast editor/manager.
  Sarah Merion
Sarah has worked for TransWeb for the past year, learning web publishing and helping with social science research on transplant-related patient education web sites. For this, her first webcast, she will be a production assistant. She will be a senior at Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the fall.
  Jeannette Quirk
Jeannette is the office manager for the reference department of the University of Michigan Law Library. In London, she will try her hand at a wide gamut of web team roles. This is her debut webcast.
  Matthew Quirk
Matthew Quirk (matthew.quirk@umich.edu) joins us for his fifth webcast (the first having been the 2000 U.S. Transplant Games in Orlando). Matthew works his particular brand of magic on graphics (including animation, multimedia, etc.) for Michigan Multimedia at the University of Michigan. In this webcast he volunteers digital photo editing and technical troubleshooting to make everything run smoothly.
  Cheri Smith
Cheri Smith (cheriosmith@netscape.net) is a commerical photographer and house refurbisher. She is a webcast veteran with two previous webcasts under her belt.
  Dave Stringer
Dave is the former director of the English department at Huron High School in Ann Arbor. He now enjoys writing full time and works with webcast veteran Randy Milgrom. Former webcast writer John Bacon was one of Dave's students. This is his third webcast.
  David Tuman
David Tuman (emagdnim@umich.edu) is an Aerospace Engineering student at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and a photographer and assistant photo editor for The Michigan Daily, the Michigan student newspaper. See more of his work at www.pbase.com/psirusmeister.
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