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Games Press Conference, 2 September
Story by Eleanor Jones
Photography by Bob Garypie and Eleanor Jones

Gabor Horvath, a journalist who is now the press officer of the XII World Transplant Games, discussed the history of the Games, and revealed that 47 countries will be participating in this event, including many from Eastern Europe. The MTSE has helped transplant recipient organizations in neighboring countries (the Czechs, the Slovakians, the Slovenians, Romanians, and Bulgarians) join in the Games.

He also talked about the need to increase organ donation, and the fact that donation rates rise about 30% temporarily due to the Games, which means that more sustained effort will be required. Recently, Hungary passed a "presumed consent" law, meaning that the next of kin will be asked only if the potential donor objected to donation.

Left to right:
Vilmos Kara, Secretary General of the MTSE,
Zsuzsa Szalamanov, also of the MTSE,
Joseph Nagy, Minister of Youth and Sports,
Gyorgy Szekely, president of the MTSE,
and Gabor Horvath.

Joseph Nagy (at left in photo), from the Hungarian government's brand new Ministry of Youth and Sports, spoke of the government's role in the Games, including the fact that the Ministry is supporting the Games with funding of $5 million forints.

Gyorgy Szekely, the president of the MTSE, received a kidney transplant 24 years ago. He founded MTSE in 1987. Since that time, the MTSE has grown from 42 members to 250 members, and it is active in sports and cultural events, as well as representing the interests of transplant recipients in Hungary.

A Magyar Television video crew was on hand for the press conference.
Veronika Sarkany, Senior Editor of English Broadcasts for Hungarian Radio, interviewed Bob Garypie of TransWeb regarding the Games webcast and how it will help to publicize the need for more organ donors.
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Last modified: 11 May 2000