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The Webcast Team

Doug Armstrong, a volunteer firefighter, registered nurse, paramedic, and transplantation research study coordinator is a veteran "webcaster" from the 1998 U.S. Games , the 1999 Winter World Transplant Game and the First Family Pledge . Doug made time in his busy schedule to travel to Budapest and volunteer to lead the audio on the webcast, do interviews, take photos and write stories. Thanks, Doug!
Bob Garypie, a longtime TransWeb board member and veteran of all previous TransWeb webcasts, managed the TransWeb webcast team, edited the site, secured sponsorship and made many other arrangements for the webcast. In addition to contributing audio and photographic reporting, he also served as a liaison to the Hungarian Transplant Federation, speaking in amusing broken Hungarian.
Eleanor Jones, also a member of the TransWeb board and webcast veteran, is TransWeb's editor and only full-time webmaster. She was responsible for the majority of the webcast planning and preparation, as well as site design. On location in Budapest, she served as the overall content editor and page designer, in addition to reporting on daily events.
Ferenc Biro, a native of Gyula, Hungary, volunteered his time to assist with the webcast. Feri's affinity for driving his Trabant through the busy streets of Budapest makes him a definite asset for TransWeb. Feri's experience includes providing superior service to the guests of the Crystal Symphony cruise ship, circling the globe many times in his career. Feri now enjoys the pride of ownership of a highly successful recording studio in Gyula.
Gary Green is responsible for all internet activity as the Director of New Technologies at the National Kidney Foundation, based in New York City. Gary was formerly the director of the U.S. Transplant Games from 1990 - 1994 at NKF, where he has worked for 25 years. His interest in sports led him to become the women's fencing, women's cross country, and women's track coach at Johns Hopkins University for fifteen years. Gary has been a volunteer photographer for TransWeb webcasts for the past year, and is also a councillor of the World Transplant Games Federation.
Craig Hobart received a kidney from his brother Chad in November 1997 - not so unusual, except for the fact that both were adopted, and thus have no blood relationship! Today, Craig and Chad own a company, Left and Right Designs ( Despite losing his luggage (including the digital camera he planned to use to help do photos), Craig and his wife Tanya contributed commentary, audio, and lots of good humor to the webcast team.
Peter Ottlakan, also a native of Gyula, Hungary, agreed to volunteer for TransWeb at the last minute. Peter's knowledge of photography is second only to the fact that he speaks both Hungarian and English. Peter's willingness to provide translation, transportation and photography services to TransWeb make him priceless.
Andrew Ti, a sophomore at Columbia University in New York City, provided constant technical assistance, brilliant html deciphering and writing, and wonderful support to the team prior to departure for Budapest. Although unable to attend the Games this year, Andrew was a critical team member of the 1998 U.S. Games Webcast and has been a valuable asset to TransWeb since beginning as a volunteer in 1996. Andrew, due to his creative writing style, is credited with the only use of the word "thwack" anywhere within TransWeb's 10,000 pages.
Matt Wielbut is TransWeb's newest student employee, and a junior at Ann Arbor Huron High School. Matt's firsthand knowledge of the entire webcast site is a result of his tireless assistance in developing the programming, layout and graphics for the site. Under the supervision of the TransWeb staff, Matt has quickly become an important brick in the foundation of our webcast.
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Last modified: 11 May 2000