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More Photos from Opening Ceremonies
Photography by Robert Garypie, Peter Ottlakan, and Ferenc Biro

Budapest Journal: 5 September
Californian athlete and TransWeb guest correspondent Craig Hobart shares his impressions of the 1999 World Transplant Games

Sunday, September 5, 1999: it finally arrived! Drawn across the city skyline is the tops of dozens of castles and fantastic architecture that has remained the same for hundreds of years. Each structure could be placed alone in another city, and it would instantly be named a historical monument, attracting thousands of tourists. Here in Budapest, the same building is used every day for something as simple as a bank, or the "posta."

At home each moring, as my computer fired up, a new message would appear, reminding me exactly how many days were remaining. All the anticipation and excitement became reality tonight as Team USA was escorted into the famous Hungarian landmark that is translated as "Heroes' Square."

Usually, on the pool deck, I am the only swimmer with the long scar leading into my Speedo. It makes me unique, except when I train with my pals from Team SoCal. Today the 41 teams cheering as we enter the square also share our common bond of having received a second chance at life. This week, I will not be unique at all, and that is what makes the opening ceremonies of the XII World Transplant games so special.



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Last modified: 11 May 2000