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Mario Bosetti from Nigevano, Italy, near Milan, received his new heart in 1988.  He makes women's shoes in what he calls "the capital of women's shoes."  He competed in the 50M, 100M, 400M, swimming events and in athletics.  He became sick in 1985 when his heart became enlarged, and subsequently he was in need of a heart transplant which he had in 1988, at the Pavia Hospital.  Mario has a daughter, Stephania (30) , who works for Anderson Consulting.  Since his transplant, Mario says he gets more joy from the simple things in life:  the sunshine, a kiss, and all the little things that happen during the day.  This is his fourth World Transplant Games, having been to Budapest, Vancouver, Manchester, and now Sydney. 
  Aitor Aulestia (38), from Ondarroa, Spain, and Juan Morell (36), from Barcelona are two of the 24 members of team Spain.  Both are kidney recipients, Aitor having received his kidney 10 years ago from his brother Gorka.  Juan won a silver medal in the 50M freestyle and two bronze medals in the 100M and the 50M backstroke.  Both men are competing in swimming, volleyball, and athletics and Aitor is participating in the cycling event as well.   
  The members of Team Spain competing in swimming events 


Last modified: 11 May 2000