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Live on TransWeb...1998 US Transplant Games
A Truly Remarkable Athlete
Story by Jason Sprawka

see also: Hot Competition at Volleyball and More photos

Remarkable, as defined by The Little Oxford Dictionary, is "worth notice; exceptional, striking." Fred Moses is a remarkable individual. He epitomizes the spirit of the Transplant Games as well as being an incredible husband, friend, and mentor. Fred Moses is worth notice as an athlete. He stands out from the crowd as a great competitor. His pre-game warm-up rivals that of a professional athlete. Throughout his volleyball match he played every point as though it were for the world. If a teammate got down because of a bad play Fred was the first to pick up their spirits. Even in defeat he performed like a true champion, he hugged every one of his victorious opponents. Fifteen years ago Fred received a kidney from a cadaver, it was a one shot deal and he has had no problems since. He said, "The whole thing about life is enjoying yourself. My kidney transplant has given me the opportunity to enjoy time with my wife. It has also allowed me to come back to these games every year to see the friends I made at my first Transplant Games in Holland in 1984." Fred believes that the games are about going for the top and doing your best. He has definitely seen the top at the Transplant Games; At the 1996 Utah Games he won the gold in the 400 meter and 1500 meter runs; This year Fred has won a silver in the 400 meter run and bronze in volleyball. Bob McCullough, a friend of Fred's from the '84 games says, "Fred Moses is one of the finest athletes to ever run for the United States." McCullough, a fifteen year Transplant Games veteran from Philadelphia, says, "There is not enough you can say about how great Fred is. He's a great Ambassador for what happens to good guys who get transplants." Fred's wife Rhonda, is thankful for the time she has had with him. "He's a great guy. He's very family oriented, works hard, and volunteers his time as a girls softball coach and a mentor for fatherless boys." Fred Moses epitomizes what it is to be a Transplant Games athlete, a friend, and a husband. He is simply a remarkable individual.

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