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Live on TransWeb...1998 US Transplant Games

Stadium's Last Track & Field Hurrah

Story by Maureen Fox
Photos by Joel Lerner, Maureen Fox and Bob Garypie
Audio by Bob Garypie

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Itís finally time for competition to begin at the 1998 U.S. Transplant Games. Thursday morning dawned hot and sunny over the Jessie Owens Track in Ohio Stadium. In the final track meet hosted at this historic site, a record number of athletes signed up for over 1,200 events. Following the 1998 football season the track will be razed, the football field lowered, and additional seats installed in what used to be the track. It is an honor to be the last track meet run on this surface.
One of the many elements that makes these Games special is the support each and every athlete receives from the spectators and fellow athletes. The effort to finish each event counts. Jennifer Brown, a 17 year old bone marrow recipient from Brant, NY (her father was her donor), participating in her first games summed the feeling most everyone expressed with her "amazing fun" comment. She would like to pass on her message to "never lose faith in God". She is doing great and won a gold medal in shot put today. Like many others she is participating in as many events as possible including volleyball and swimming in addition to her track and field endeavors.
Young and old alike could be found putting forth their best efforts. Dry eyes were hard to find when the youngest children ran their 50 yard dash. It was a good day to be alive.
Laurie Scheer of Team Nebraska had won 3 gold medals when we captured this photo. Having received a kidney from her father just 9 months ago, Laurie was thrilled to be at the Games. Listen to our interview with her here.

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