The Organizers and Sponsors of the U.S. Transplant Games

The National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

The National Kidney Foundation is once again proud to present the 1996 U.S. Transplant Games. The National Kidney Foundation is a voluntary health agency whose mission is focused on the total eradication of kidney and urologic diseases. Our programs are focused in five goal areas: 1) Research, 2) Professional Education, 3) Public Education, 4) Patient and Community Services and 5) Organ Donation.

The NKF is committed to ensuring that every American who needs a transplant receives one. Our programs in organ donation represent a commitment to all individuals who have received a life-saving organ transplant, the thousands of individuals who are awaiting transplants and the thousands of families who donated organs of their loved ones, giving the ultimate gift of life. The U.S. Transplant Games represents the "ultimate second chance celebration" and showcases the success of transplantation while calling attention to the critical need for all Americans to discuss their wishes about organ and tissue donation with their families.

Other transplant athletic activities conducted by the NKF are the US Winter Transplant Games, Team USA to the World Transplant Games and Team USA to the Winter World Transplant Games.

Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Corporation is the Primary Sponsor of the 1996 U.S. Transplant Games and has been a dedicated contributor since the Games began in 1982. As a leader in the field of transplantation, Sandoz is committed to educating the public about the ongoing need for organ donation and the life-saving potential of organ transplantation. Sandoz is also focused on finding new breakthrough treatments in the area of transplantation.

Sandoz manufactures and markets Sandimmune® (cyclosporine) the "gold standard" of immunosuppressant therapy, and an improved formulation of cyclosporine called Neoral® (cyclosporine capsules and oral solution for microemulsion). Sandimmune, discovered in 1973, revolutionized transplant surgery by helping to minimize the rejection of transplanted organs. Neoral was cleared for marketing in July, 1995 and is designed to provide more consistent exposure to and more reliable absorption of cyclosporine. The use of cyclosporine has dramatically increased transplant success rates, graft survival and has significantly improved the quality of life for transplant recipients.

The Coca-Cola Company

Who would have ever thought that what began as a local soda fountain curiosity on May 8, 1886, would become the world's favorite soft drink? From its simple beginnings, Coca-Cola has grown to be a part of life in cities and towns around the world.

It has been over 100 years since Coca-Cola was first served in an Atlanta pharmacy. During this time, the flowing Coca-Cola script has become the best known and most admired trademark in the history of commerce, recognized by nearly all of the world's population.

The National Council of Corvette Clubs

The NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CORVETTE CLUBS, INC. (NCCC) is an Associate Sponsor of the 1996 U.S. Transplant Games. The NCCC, with 13,000 members, is the largest organized group of Corvette owners in the United States. For more than ten years, the NCCC has conducted a nationwide Corvette drawing to benefit a charitable organization. This year, they have selected the U.S. Transplant Games as their beneficiary. The NCCC has a local presence in every state and traditionally has assisted their beneficiary in additional local fund raising.

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Last modified: 11 May 2000