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Name: Maryrose Mirick

Age: 43

Transplant: Kidney, 1993

Team: Team MA-RI (Massachusetts-Rhode Island)

Hometown: Weymouth, MA

Event(s): Badminton

My main purpose for participating in the U.S. Transplant Gaines is to honor those who give transplant recipients a second chance for a full and active life. My participation is a direct result of an unselfish act of love and kindness by my sister, Patricia Sullivan, who gave me one of her kidneys thirteen years ago.

Because of her, my husband has a wife and my children have a mom. Because of her I am able to feel warm sand on my feet in the summer and hear my children open their gifts on Christmas moming. My life is full of family and friends whom I have the pleasure to love and be loved by. I can't thank my sister enough for her gift that keeps on giving.

Since my transplant, I have worked with multiple-handicapped children, but because of the immunosuppression I take, I caught every cold and virus children tend to carry. Fortunately, I am now employed by the National Kidney Foundation of MA & Rl, Inc. Working for a cause I believe in, and to assist in increasing public awareness of organ donation, is a very rewarding job.

Mesage to the world: "Because of my transplant I get to feel the hot sand under my feet and see my kids open their Christmas presents. That's what it's all about- having a life again!"

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Last modified: 11 May 2000