Athlete Profile

Name: Kathy Miller

Age: 41

Transplant: Kidney/Pancreas, 1991

Team: Team Iowa

Hometown: Cedar Rapids

Event(s): Bowling (Individual and Team)

"Because of You"

I may not know your name today
But up in heaven, you'll hear me pray
That God may bless you, so you can see
The life you've given, back to me

A gift of love, so "SPECIAL" and rare
Has allowed me to return feelings we share
Because of You, today I am "FREE"
To give back to you, what you've given to me

So under the stars, I stand tonite
Holding your spirit in my heart for life
And as you look down upon my face
I wish you could be here, to once, take my place

For you have given to me, the meaning of love
An unselfish gift, you thought so much of
Today I stand here, Because of You
The "SPECIAL" person, that I never knew

So in your honor, and with this prayer
I give to your family, some memories to share
With feelings that words could never convey
The Transplant Games are in spirit, of you,

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Last modified: 11 May 2000