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Name: Dr. Raul Lagos

Age: 51

Transplant: 4 kidney transplants (1978, '80, '82, '84)

Team: Team Kentucky

Hometown: Lexington

Event: Tennis

Since my transplant,

I have been very active since my last kidney transplant in 1984. I really enjoyed the games - this is my second experience, I went to Atlanta in '94.

Even though it has been difficult at times, I have thoroughly enjoyed life. I am a Spanish/ESL teacher at Henry Clay High School in Lexington, KY.

In 1994, I was able to visit my native country of Chile after 17 YEARS!!! My doctors allowed me to travel (with some restrictions and very strict orders to keep my in good health). This trip was a dream come true. I never thought that I would be able to go back again. And, there I was, after 17 years. I was in Chile for two weeks and I visited every friend that I could possibly visit. This visit made my day (decade).

I am very active in transplant-related organizations. The highlight was my membership in the board of directors of UNOS (The United Network for Organ Sharing), '93-95. I am presently a board member of the Kidney Foundation of Central KY and of Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates (KODA). I act as support for many of the patients waiting for a transplant or their families.

For the last 3 years I had a student who received a kidney transplant. He had practically given up and did not believe that he could continue with his life. He thought that his transplant would be an obstacle. But, with my support and advice he overcame those thoughts. He is now attending the university and he plans to go to medical school.

My message to the world: Life is beautiful. I live every day as if it were the last day of my life.

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