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Name: Steve Cohen

Age: 48

Transplant: Kidney, 1988

Team: Team Texas

Hometown: Houston

Event(s): Racquetball - singles.

Having been a diabetic since the age of 14, renal problems were a distinct possibility. In July of 1984, I went on Perotoneal dialysis but a year plus later, due to a number of bouts of peritonitis, I went on hemodialysis. After it was determined that my dad, although 71, was healthy enough to be a donor. At the age of 72 (then the oldest living related donor) he donated my kidney. Immediately thereafter, the transplant I felt better in the recovery room. Before my renal problems I played racquetball 5-7 days a week and swam 5 days a week. During the four years I had my ESRD, the only exercise I did was walk.

Now, back in shape, I again play racquetball almost everyday and swim occasionally. I am here at the games to meet other receipients and to compare my racquetball skills against theirs.

I hope to continue leading a healthy productive life.

I can be contacted at:

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Last modified: 11 May 2000